For MMORPG Players in Transition

The Character Monuments web site is an online repository for characters old and new. Place your online characters here and have them stand proud alongside hundreds of others. List their triumphs and create a unique monument to immortalize them . Even if the game they came from is no longer in existence, your characters will remain ....ready to be resurrected in the next game. 

As we play MMORPGs we see characters come and go, guilds come and go, and entire games rise and fall. As we move from one game to the next, we keep the characters names as best we can, but many times we cannot, and things become disconnected.

The site can help you find players who you've not seen online for years and show you where they are now playing. Also, it will allow you to tell others where you have gone, what games you now play, which server and in what guild.

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Hundreds of MMO characters! More coming each day. Immortalize yours!

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