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Star Trek Online
Tactical Guides

There are 21 guides and wiki for
Tactical in Star Trek Online

Killer guides continue to display their dominance in MMORPG strategies and walkthroughs. This guide focuses on leveling quickly through the rankings as well as detailed information on Mission. Also details the character races, skill trees and the best use of skill points.

A great guide that goes over and aids you through the complexity of Star Trek Online. Contains information to air you in leveling, training your bridge officers, traits, skills, professions and more.

The PvP guide you will need for Star Trek Online. Tactics and tricks on how to respond to PvP encounters. Solo and group defense and attack plans for different scenarios.

A huge collection of strategies for every Star Trek Online Player, be it a beginner or advanced. Information on Star Trek Leveling, PvP, crafting, raids and more. Different leveling strategies for each kind of player (Hard core or casual). Check it out to see if it is right for you.

How starships work in Star Trek Online
The place to start learning the tactics and strategies of Star Trek Online. This guide goes over all the basics you need. Includes information on the 3 types of ships with their pros and cons, progression through rank, bridge officers and more.

The basics of a Starship Crew
Goes over the basics of what the crew does for you in the game. How they work and why they are important.

The Bridge Officers
Think of the bridge officers as a part of your ‘character’ in another MMO. You will have several and each you level up. By doing so your ship gains more abilities. This guide goes over briefly how they work.

Star Trek Online Wikipedia
The official Wikipedia for Star Trek Online. Mainly filled with beta info but Wikipedia always gets huge insight and information fast. Keep up with this.

Star Trek Online Player Progression
A great guide detailing the basic information on gaining rank in star trek online. Although I believe this focuses mainly on federation, it may also apply to klingon. Gives the main ranks, and how to apply abilities and specs.

Star Trek Tribble Info: Beta
Tribbles are in game you loot and can lead to huge trouble if you're not careful. Tribbles are out of combat regen items, however they eat up all other food sources placed in your inventory and then multiply. In the space of a day of play 1 tribble can turn into 16 tribbles clogging up your inventory. They sell for 0 credits …who would want them

Tips for new Players
Great guide containing a set of tips for the newcomer to Star Trek Online. Includes information on what professions do what for your ships abilities, how to navigate the UI effectively, how to obtain bridge officers and more

Star Trek Online: Character Creation
The official page on character creation in Star Trek Online MMO. Includes a brief overview of what character creation offers, then details the main professions (Engineering, tactical, science) in STO.

Captain Skills/ Ship Skills
A brief and growing list of skills native to your captain type in STO. This guide also a gives list of skills distinct to each starship.

The Beginners Guide to Star Trek Online
A great guide of how to get started in Star Trek Online. This article goes over mission objectives and how to complete them, how to make credits (gold) in the game, Skill leveling and the rank/grade system, and a lot more. A must read guide for all newbies.

Player Skills
A great and continually updated list and description of player skills in STO. Information on the generic, tactical, science and engineering skills you acquire at every rank.

Star Trek Online Kits
A great collection of kits and items found in Star Trek Online. Kits are like potions from most MMOs you are used to playing. There is quite a variety of kits to be found.

Star Trek Online Player Abilities
A large guide of Star Trek Abilities your player gets in the game. Lists the abilities available at each rank for tactical, science and engineering similar to the abilities of the Bridge officers.

Star Trek Online Energy Weapons
A nice brief rundown on the energy weapons in STO. Also guides you in some tactics commonly missed regarding falloff over range.

The Star Trek Online Character Builder
A great java applet that allows you to customize your captain character before you enter the game. Allows you to allocate skill points for level up for any of the main professions (Tactical, Engineering, or Science).

The Beginner’s Guide to Star Trek Online
Likely the best guide for newcomers to Star Trek Online. Simple and accurate info on skill leveling, rank systems, how to fight, and where to go.

Suggested trait builds
A great overview and tips for stat and traits in Star Trek Online. What traits should you take for tanking, damage, healing and more.

Star Trek Online Strategy Guides:
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